NOT Labor Day

It wasn’t labor.I’m fine. A bit over-reactive maybe, but I’m in fine health for 31 weeks pregnant.My favorite part was the closing comments, “Hey, you know, try not to be worried. But that’s what we’re here for, and I don’t mind checking you if you get nervous. And if you have any {insert list of scary, scary symptoms here} then call the cell number RIGHT AWAY because that could be serious. But otherwise we’llsee you at your next appointment! {big cheery smile}” Mmmm-kay. Thanks.I do feel a little silly for going in, and having it all be a big load of nothing. On the other hand, I’d always feel like a complete idiot if I had not gone in because I was embarrassed but had ended up with problems for myself or the baby. I’m reassured that everything is fine and it’s safe for The Husband to fly out tomorrow, and I’m sure that we’ll both be here (me on the outside, The Kid on the inside, thank you very much!) when he gets back.The important thing is, it wasn’t labor.


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