101 in 1001

I posted here about starting this project. The idea is to complete these hundred-and-one tasks between January 1, 2008 and September 28th, 2010. Items in progress are bold; completed items are stricken

1. Start doing something that earns $200-400 per month.
2. Pay off VW loan.
3. Pay off credit card debt.
4. Repay parents for medical school loan.
5. Start college fund for Smooch.

6. Start taking daily vitamin.
7. Cut down on processed foods.
8. Reduce coffee to half-caf, then decaf.
9. Switch from Splenda to a more natural sweetener.
10. Exercise 30 minutes per day, at least 3 days per week, for at least six weeks.
11. Reach 125 lbs. and stay there for at least three months.

12. Organize recipes and meal planning lists.
13. Create “house manual.”
14. Compile health/medical records for each family member.
15. Organize items for yard sale and/or Freecycle or donation.
16. Organize items to resell at consignment store or eBay.
17. Buy & install shelving and new plastic storage bins for garage.
18. Sort baby clothes and toys – consign or donate.
19. Develop cleaning routine & stick to it for at least six weeks.

20. Write something at least four days a week for six weeks.
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23. Submit at least 4 proposals and/or articles to local free publications.
24. Work at the library for dedicated quiet time at least once a month.
25. Finish children’s book manuscript.
26. Research publication process for children’s book.

27. Have one “date night” with Gruff every month.
28. Write letters to extended family members once a month.
29. Complete family blog migration to WordPress; pass protect photos.
30. Update family blog once a week.
31. Phone or email out-of-town friends at least once a month.

32. Attend Mommy & Me playgroups at least twice a month.
33. Attend Surgery Spouses playgroups at least once a month.
34. Visit aquarium & museum at least six times this year.
  (A: 1/12/08)
35. Do art activities at least weekly.
36. Do sensory table activities at least weekly.
37. Follow-up with language evaluation from SLP after Jan 2008.
38. Have yearly portraits made on or near birthday.

39. Create home-preschool curricula to begin summer/fall 2008.

40. Organize at least one event here at my home for the Sugery Spouses group.
41. Contribute to the Mommy & Me group goals with at least one activity.
42. Attend at least three M&M Mom’s Nights Out.
43. Contact my church’s UMW president to find out if there is a circle that would fit my schedule.
44. Find a retirement village or nursing home that would allow Smooch & I to visit with the residents.

45. Do a daily quiet time (scripture reading & prayer) for at least six weeks.
46. Find an Emmaus reunion group that fits my schedule; attend at least twice a month.
47. Increase giving to a full tithe (10%).
48. Attend local interested-in church at least once with Gruff and Smooch; fish or cut bait.

49. Update “GoodReads” list (use old high school lists, Amazon, etc.) to as-complete-as-possible.
50. Read at least one fiction and one non-fiction book per month.
(1/08: The Company Car & Nourishing Traditions)
51. Complete handwork quilt sampler.
52. Complete, frame, and hang “Home” cross-stitch piece.
53. Complete “Grandmothers” cross-stitch piece & present to Mom.
54. Complete snowman holiday hostess apron.
55. Complete odds’n’ends zipper bag.
56. Complete Smooch’s kitty cat/fleece blanket.
57. Create “vegetable basket,” “fruit basket,” “pizza,” and “dessert menu” from felt for Smooch’s kitchen.
58. Strip paint and refinish Gruff’s rocking chair.
59. Scrapbook 2001 album.
60. Scrapbook 2003 album.
61. Scrapbook 2004 album.
62. Scrapbook 2007 album.
63. Create Jesse Tree with ornaments.
64. Create advent wreath and/or advent calendar.
65. Scrapbook Fizz’s middle school/high school album.
66. Scrapbook Fizz’s teaching-years album.
67. Scrapbook Gruff’s childhood photos album.
68. Buy fabrics and supplies for vintage-replica quilt.
69. Create vintage-replica quilt.
70. Learn to purl, increase, & decrease stitches, and how to read a knitting pattern.
71. Knit something other than a scarf.

72. Buy fabric and supplies for gift quilt.
73. Complete gift quilt.

74. Furnish dining room with matching table, chairs, and hutch.
75. Complete decorating of kitchen/dining room.
76. Find artwork to hang in living room.
77. Decide how to display Willow Tree collection & buy/make/install.
78. Finish entry landing décor.
79. Sew slipcovers for new playroom furniture; return loveseat to living room.
80. Buy sleeper-sofa for playroom.
81. Find/buy/create storage for books and toys in Smooch’s room.
82. Frame card prints for Smooch’s room.
83. Furnish master bedroom with matching bed/dressers/nightstands.
84. Choose new bedding.
85. Paint master bedroom.
86. Find artwork for bedroom.
87. Paint garage walls & floor.
88. Paint interior trimwork.
89. Install cat door.
90. Replace all old lightbulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.

91. Repaint front door and shutters.
92. Put in storm door.
93. Landscape front yard.
94. Install solar-powered driveway lights.
95. Fence in back yard.
96. Plant veggie garden.

97. Visit friends in Nashville.
98. Visit family/friends in Georgia.
99. Visit friends in Connecticut.
100. Take one vacation as a family to a place we’ve never been before.
101. Make a trip to an American landmark.


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