A Moment of Smallness

I keep finding great links to wonderful blogs written by women who are witty. They have a beautiful way with words. They can create a picture of their homes, lives, children… and I laugh out loud (scaring the cats) or cry a little (scaring my husband) or sit in stunned, touched silence (scaring myself). These women are wives, moms, workers at home or in offices, and they make me feel like the little sister tagging along behind, crying “Wait for me! Can I play? I won’t bug you, I just want to sit in your Club! Please, pretty please? If you don’t let me join in, I’m telling Mom!!!!” Because every time I visit one of these blogs, I come back here and feel ridiculous and inadeqate and small. One of these days I might write something funny, or intelligent, or touching, or sad, and discover that someone else is feeling like my little sister. But for now, I’ll go on with my attempt and keep reading Carson and Jennifer and Heather and hoping my own writing improves with practice.


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