Mom’s the Word

I know you don’t know me very well, so if you’re squeamish about childbirth-y hoo-ha problems, please don’t read this post. Come back in a few days when I’ll have written about something much less personal and embarrassing.

I’m seeing my OB this afternoon at 2:45. It’s not a regularly scheduled appointment. They are squeezing me in because I called to check out some wierd, new symptoms that popped up yesterday. I got up for church and bustled around in my usual Sunday way, and shortly after we got there I had a contraction. (I’ve been down to 1-2 a day, so that’s not a big deal.) But then….
· I started having hot flashes
· I felt shaky and weak
· I had some sharp pains in my side, and then some sharp pains in my hoo-ha. (Okay, yes, I know that I’m going to give birth to a baby. And that will undoubtedly mean a great deal of pain in the hoo-ha. But until then, I did not expect to have any hoo-ha troubles. Especially one that feels like a red hot ice pick being shoved none too carefully into my nether regions.)
· Oh, and some low back pain, down around my sacrum and coccyx. A deep, reverberating pain reminiscent of childhood tumbles onto my ass from ice skates.
· Contractions, every hour, at least until bedtime (possibly beyond but it didn’t keep me awake).
· Watery, colorless discharge. Which resulted in a totally fun, really romantic TMI moment when I asked The Husband for his professional opinion of my underwear this morning. Poor man. I really like having a medical expert at home but I’m sure it sucks for him sometimes.

So I’m a little nervous that this baby is trying to emerge early, and I just can’t have that. The Husband is leaving tomorrow for two weeks of interviews and I would just hate to have this baby without him here. Besides which, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday season and I have always believed that a near-Christmas birthday must have its downsides. He needs to stay inside until January, for his own health (he’d be 36 weeks) and for mommy’s sanity.

We don’t have a carseat. Or a ton of clothes. Or a single towel & washcloth. I am NOT ready to have this baby. Not today, not this week. Maybe next month, but that is the very earliest. The Mommy has spoken!!!


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