Friday Play

I’m working on the desktop computer downstairs when Smooch walks past me with a blanket over his shoulder and a couch pillow tucked under one arm. He goes into our bathroom and then comes back out. “My tum-puter? You get it?”

“The laptop? It’s upstairs. Why do you need it?”

“Bafroom, a big storm, scare me. Pillow, blanket, shower. Tum-puter in dere.”

This is toddler-speak for “Don’t you remember the last tornado warning we had? It was stormy and scary, and you put pillows and blankets in the shower stall down here, and we sat in there watching the local meteorologist on the laptop. I’m playing ‘tornado’ and I need my props, mom!”

Unfortunately for Smooch, I’m a big believer in PRETEND play. So I found him a chalkboard to be a pretend tumputer and sent him on his way.


On another topic, I’m not a Latter-Day Saint, but I tell you what: I really envy my Mormon friends their food storage right now. Last night, Gruff was joking about how when he finishes residency he might be “out doing surgery for free on the street,” and I told him wouldn’t it be awesome if we knew we had a couple years’ worth of food down in the basement? Honestly, if we could live off of food storage right now, we’d be saving over $200 a month at least. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


2 Responses to Friday Play

  1. We’d be saving so much money, I can’t even tell you. These three boys eat their way through a small mortgage payment every month!

    Laughed at your last post, btw. Boys are always glad to know their parts are safe and secure, aren’t they?

  2. Jessi says:

    Awww, poor thing! Did the pretend computer keep him occupied and less scared?

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