Today, in the bathroom

Smooch wanders in.

“Mommy, you pee-pee?” He pats my leg. “You penis, point down!” (Hmmm, I guess he’s heard that reminder a few times when he’s sitting down, huh?)

“I don’t have a penis, Smooch.”

“Where penis go?” Look of slight confusion crosses his face. He pulls down his underwear (the only clothing he’s currently wearing) to check. As his is still in place, he seems relieved. “My penis dere.”

“Yes, you have one. And Daddy has one. You are both boys. Boys have a penis.” (I know, terrible grammar. For some reason, my grammar falls apart in the face of explaining certain subjects to my two year old.) “I’m a girl – no penis.”

“Okay. I big boy, Daddy big boy. My penis here.” He pats his underwear reassuringly and wanders back out of the bathroom.



I swear. Just think of the conversations we’ll have when Doodlebug arrives and he starts observing her diaper changes….


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