For Your Consideration

I submit: I’m an idiot.

Okay, not really. At least, not in every single aspect of my life. I’m a pretty smart girl about some things. But do you realize what I just did? I participated in the Bloggy Giveaways, which is fun and exciting and I got to make three people happy when they won and I got to feel happy when I won…. and then I managed to NOT post for a week.


Way to use that momentum, Michelle.

Oh, and guess what else I did? The ONE time this week I was out on the side of town by the post office, I left all three of my packages here. And with gas prices… ugh. I felt like an idiot. (Again.)

Today Gruff is on-call, so we’ve got a long stretch of day before us. Of course, it’s raining, which doesn’t make the prospect of running errands terribly fun, but at least getting out of the house would give us something to do. So odds are good that I’ll hit the post office this morning and my poor winners will FINALLY get their prizes. And when Gruff’s not around, I tend to get a lot of writing done, so maybe I will work on a few posts, and this place won’t be quite so barren and boring next week.

But you know, I’m an idiot – so don’t count on it.


One Response to For Your Consideration

  1. Heather says:

    Hey, don’t feel too bad. I haven’t gotten anything that I’ve won either!

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