Things I should have known

*that as soon as I posted that blissful Spring is here, y’all, whoopeee! post, we’d be hit with days of Cold and Rain. And they’re pissed that they didn’t get a dedicated post of their own.

*that giving Smooch “just one bite” of my Frosty and “just one sip” of my sweet tea was kind of like a gateway drug. Every time he sees me with a cup now, he’s begging for some of whatever Mama’s got. Because it’s way better than whole milk and water.

*that when my husband calls from the store to ask if I need anything else, I REALLY should get up and actually look around the kitchen. Because as soon as he gets home, I realize there are at least two things I would have liked him to pick up. 

*that the other morning, when I went downstairs to do laundry & came back up to find my 2 year old had crawled up on my bed and pulled the covers up to his neck? He really wasn’t feeling well. And that I should have listened to my gut feeling instead of my husband (who is a surgeon, not a pediatrician, note to self!) and we should have stayed home from playgroup.

*that I would feel guilty for three days for exposing the other playgroupies to our germs, even though I know that there was no CLEAR evidence that Smooch was sick when we went.

*that installing this new photo-managing-and-editing software would be a little addictive. I’ve gotten nothing else done all day, but all my photos are finally organized AND backed up!

*that every single freakin’ weekend when Gruff is on call, this house goes totally crazy. Somebody gets sick, something explodes (okay, not really)… it’s just always something.

*that I ought to be in bed right now because odds are, tomorrow’s going to be even more fun than today was.


3 Responses to Things I should have known

  1. Waiting Amy says:

    I hate on-call weekends! My DH heads back to the main trauma hospital for his last 3 months and I am dreading it. Things always do go wrong then.

    Hope you get some rest (and whatever you needed at the store!).

  2. Oh, I’m sorry. Things have a way of all going wrong at the same time.
    Hoping for more spring for you.

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