Go, team blue!

Mama nose?  Yes, that’s my nose.

Mama ee-uh? Yes, that’s my ear.

Mama keek? Yes, that’s my cheek.

Mama eye?  Mmm-hmmm. Mama has blue eyes.

Mama bwoo eye? You have blue eyes, too.

Bo-bas bwoo eye? {Thinks a minute} Mama bwoo eye, Bo-bas bwoo eye.  …Daddy bwoo eye? No, Daddy has BROWN eyes.

Bow? Eye? {Apparently, this does not sit well.}

{Hopefully:} Nonna, Poppa bwoo eye?


4 Responses to Go, team blue!

  1. fizzledink says:

    Please note: Smooch’s real name is not actually Bobas. However, he can’t articulate four or five sounds in our English alphabet and substitutes /b/ for most of them, so that’s how his name comes out of his mouth. 😛

  2. Heather says:

    We’re half and half in our family. My daughter and my hubby are blue eyed, my son and I, brown. I guess baby will be the tie breaker.

  3. fizzledink says:

    Heather, that’s neat! My family growing up was half & half – dad and I blue, mom and my brother brown. (Well, I think Squirt claims his are hazel…)

    I always thought that the blue-eyed gene was recessive, but either I don’t really understand genetics (not a big shock) or, no, wait. That’s it. I don’t understand genetics. 😀

  4. crono says:

    Hazel is the most apt discription. They are primarily brown but have a green sunburst pattern around the iris. If they were just brown I wouldn’t have gotten “Are those colored contacts? OMG that is your real eye color? You have such pretty eyes!” responses when I first got contacts?

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