Oh, people. Guess where I sit, right this very minute, as my fingers go tappity-tappity-tappity on this keyboard?


Like, out on my deck. In the fresh air and sunshine. With my sleeves rolled up and our jackets discarded behind me, while my boy runs up and down the hill in the backyard, tosses rocks and dirt clods down the slide, and tries to figure out how to teeter-totter by himself.

And do you know what I spied, with my little eye, on the tips of the bushes up on that backyard hill? Little green buds of who-knows-what (because I am not a plant expert or anything, but even I know that after the buds come the blooming and hello, that means warmer weather is around the corner somewhere)!

It warms my heart – leaning my head way, way back and closing my eyes, feeling the sun beam down on my face until all I see is that red haze of warmth that must be on the other side of my eyelids. Watching my son scrape in the mud and try a little taste, watching him jump and run and roll in the grass. Hearing all the birds twitter and tweet and trill, hearing my windchime ring and tinkle in the breeze.

For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing is come. Song of Solomon 2:11-12


One Response to Spring-a-ding-ding

  1. Waiting Amy says:

    Well, here in Buffalo, she is slow to arrive. But there was some sunshine today! I’m hoping she will soon be on her way.

    Glad you could enjoy your afternoon!

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