So, um, hi.

Sorry for the unexplained absence there last week. Looks like I’m not the only one – a whole slew of bloggers are having this wierd phase where one doesn’t want to quit one’s blog, but one needs a little time and space and breathing room. My particular situation? Probably more about the whole trying-to-have-another-baby saga, the emotion and anxiety and time-consuming thought going into that. Life has a way of helping you find balance, though, one way or another – and in this case, the beauty of the cyclic nature of “trying” kicked in. After the little grief of realizing this month wasn’t it (again) comes the little hope that this (new) month might be. So I’m back to feeling buoyant, and this time I’ll try to hold on to that feeling no matter what the next two weeks bring.

Thanks for all the comments that you left on the whiny metaphor-laden post. It helps – inexplicably – to know that you’ve been through it, that you understand, that you’re thinking good thoughts for us. Amazing how this interweb brings us together and makes us matter to each other.

In completely different news, the team of bloggers at Midwest Parents is launching Show Us Your World! – and we invite you to join in! Post on your blog about your world, however you define it (your state? your region? your hometown? your big city? your house?) and add a picture or two. Let us know that you’ve posted, and we’ll add you to our linky lovefest!


2 Responses to So, um, hi.

  1. Heather says:

    Blowing some baby dust your way…

  2. fizzledink says:

    Mmmmm, thanks. 🙂

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