Were I Like Thee, I’d Throw Away Myself

The other day, I went out for dinner and browsing with a friend. (That’s what you do when your husband is a starving resident. You have a cheap burrito at Qdoba and then you go shopping-without-your-credit-cards. That’s a low cost & fun way to kill four childfree hours, my friends.) We went to HomeGoods – do you have these where you live? I believe it’s a TJ Maxx sister (why are stores called “sister stores?” Why not “brother stores?” I’m fighting for gender equality!) sibling store. They have all sorts of home decorating and furnishing things – legitimate items like chairs, dishes, and bedding, plus weird things like enormous washtubs labeled “100% Organic” and faux-iron old-fashioned bicycles. We spent two hours going through every aisle and laughing at a lot of the things they’re trying to sell.

For instance, in the cards/letters/stationery/patterned photo boxes aisle? We found these:

Seriously? Who buys these? Please explain this to me – if you want something disposable (and for pete’s sake, would it have killed them to call it “recyclable?”) why not use a regular notepad? If you simply hafta, hafta, have to have a clipboard, why then throw it away?

This makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. How ridiculous are we, as a society in general, that some company (multiple companies, actually – I found several when I googled it this morning) decided to mass produce & market a disposable clipboard?


3 Responses to Were I Like Thee, I’d Throw Away Myself

  1. Yeah, that’s a little ridiculous. And wasteful.
    But usually I love Home Goods.

  2. Heather says:

    Wow. I’ve never heard of such a thing. That’s weird alright.
    We don’t have a Home Goods, but we have a TJ Maxx and More. (What the difference is between this and regular TJ Maxx? No idea.) I like looking in there occasionally but usually can’t stand having to dig through stuff to see what there is.

  3. […] routine varies – sometimes I meet a friend for a quick bite and window-shopping. Sometimes I go to the fabric store to get inspiration for a new project. But by far, my favorite […]

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