This is all that damn Groundhog’s fault.

Front yard snow day

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12 Responses to This is all that damn Groundhog’s fault.

  1. Sosunaolata says:

    I hear you there! I’m so done with winter! Happy WW!

  2. jayedee says:

    brrrrrr! but it IS beautiful! happy ww

  3. It has been a long winter!
    The snow is beautiful, but I’m ready for spring!

  4. oldqueen44 says:

    Great picture for Wordless Wednesday.

  5. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Oh my goodness, I KNOW. Enough already! I am constantly yearning for spring.

  6. Utah Mommy says:

    Beautiful! Well done for capturing the beauty that is priceless. It’s given us by GOD for free and we must enjoy it. Happy WW!

  7. Heather says:

    I really dislike groundhogs.

  8. Helena says:

    Soon Spring will be here and that will be a memory. I say next year we shoot the ground hog.

  9. tx sweetie says:

    must be very cold huh.I love snow..i just do but hate the coldness it brings.
    happy ww

    Out of Words


  10. Nice to see we aren’t the only ones buried in snow. Great pic.

  11. fizzledink says:

    You know, I actually do love the snow – I grew up without ever really seeing more than flurries, so it’s still very magical to me. BUT. Even I have my limits, and at this point I’m just tired of the frigid temps and being stuck in my house and shoveling the driveway.

    I love this pic, though – I took it on my front porch, and the mailbox on the right is ours. My driveway and the sidewalk around our cul-de-sac are in the picture too, though you can’t tell from how deep the darn snow is! I really love how crisp the bushes are in the foreground, without having a major blur-out of the rest of the background. Sadly, I have no idea how I got that effect and probably couldn’t duplicate it to save my life!

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