Conversation with a 2-year-old

{Smooch runs around the playroom with a half-eaten waffle. He takes a bite, puts the waffle down, runs around. Then he comes back to the waffle, takes another bite, and runs away again.}

Smooch: {walking slowly with both hands raised in the air, palms up} Affa go?

Me: Where did the waffle go? Is that what you’re looking for?

Smooch: Yes! Affa go?

Me: It’s all gone. You finally ate it all. It’s in your belly.

Smooch: {indignantly grabbing the hem of pajama top, lifts it to his chin, and examines the smooth round curve of his tummy. Looks at me reproachfully.} Nuh-uh!


In other news, I’m a finalist in the “Most Disgusting Haiku” category over at My Mommy’s Place. Shameless plug: go vote for me!


3 Responses to Conversation with a 2-year-old

  1. Cute! I always say “it’s in your belly” too and he always looks down at his stomach and then looks at me like I’m crazy.

  2. Heather says:

    My son used to do the eat on the run thing!

    I voted!

  3. fizzledink says:

    It just struck me as so funny – this is the first time he’s taken something I said so literally. I can tell we’re getting ready to start that phase of cute toddler misunderstandings. 😉

    Thanks for voting, Heather! (Ooooh, I feel like a presidential candidate. Too bad I still don’t know which one of those I want to vote for… the haikus were much easier!)

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