Sick, tired, and calloused fingers. Probably signs of impending death.

It’s Wednesday. The week is half-over, and I’m not even halfway through the list of giveaways! I just don’t know how anyone is going to manage to do them all. I mean, I do have to do some laundry every once in a while. And Smooch has to be fed and watered and changed. There’s just too much to do and not enough time.

Plus, for some reason, Smooch is just NOT sleeping through the night lately – for a long time I made the excuse that he was teething, but now all four of those two-year molars are in, so clearly that’s not it. We HAVE had a bit of pottying success lately (I didn’t mention it sooner, for fear of The Jinx) so one possibility is that he’s waking up because he’s uncomfortable in his nighttime diaper. Mainly, though, I think he likes keeping me at a disadvantage by making sure I don’t get a full night’s sleep ever again.

And to top it all off, I’m coming down with something. Probably just a cold, but with a toddler and a person-who-is-exposed-to-sick-people-all-day-every-day in the house, it could be anything. Dude. I could be coming down with Bird Flu or something – and then WHO WOULD ENTER ALL THE GIVEAWAYS, I ask you?

 It’s just too much for me. I’m curling up for the remainder of naptime with the laptop and a cup of hot tea.


9 Responses to Sick, tired, and calloused fingers. Probably signs of impending death.

  1. “I’m curling up for the remainder of naptime with the laptop and a cup of hot tea.”

    This is exactly how I spend naptimes!

  2. Heather says:

    Feel better quick! Gotta enter all those giveaways…which is just ridiculous how many there are!

  3. Mrs. Chicken says:

    What is this “naptime” of which you speak?

  4. Melissa~ says:

    It’s the “keeping you at a disadvantage” one, I know it because my kiddo is in on it too! *LOL* (I think all children under five have secret planning meetings with each other on how to keep us weak…”So Jimmy, did the quivering lower lip thing work for you last week?…*LOL* {why did I pick the name Jimmy?*LOL*)

    So glad to find your blog!

    Must go enter more drawings now…


  5. Lisa's Chaos says:

    It’s so cold out today I’m totally in for the curling up with a laptop idea!

  6. fizzledink says:

    Mrs C. – ah, I forget, I shouldn’t mention that to you. 😉 I honestly dread the day he stops.

  7. sarah says:

    Ahhh – but the advantage of entering all the giveaways is that you have an excuse to sit and drink your tea and ignore everything else – like me! It is crazy though. I promise myself I will sit for just a few minutes and I look up 2 hours later at little eyes peering in the door saying “Ummm, mom, are we going to get dinner?” I have to shake out of the giveaway glaze to get anything done!

    Hope you feel better!

  8. Erin Craig says:

    Thanks for entering my givaway. I have officially given up on trying to enter them all. Good Luck!

  9. Melissa says:


    You make me laugh girl! I haven’t even made it past the 200’s on the list…which stinks for me because I am #203 on the list. Go figure! Ha!

    Get some rest and step away from the blog every 10 minutes (then atleast it LOOKS like you aren’t glued to it all day!)

    Take Care,
    Melissa 😉

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