You Googlers are crazy.

Crazy, I tell you! What are these people thinking, searching for stuff like this? At least it gives Gruff and I something to laugh about at night.

Tricks to get a cow to come to you     Maybe try mooing suggestively?

You zoo personality      What can I say, I’m a woman – sometimes I’m batty, sometimes I’m a bear to live with, sometimes I’m a whole barrel of monkeys. That’s life.

How to cheer your kid up in the morning    Waking up to Backyardigans and cookies would do it here.

Diapering boys     Carefully. With a spare burp cloth nearby. Otherwise they will pee right into your husband’s mouth. I kid you not.

southern baptist scandal     Reading my blog probably qualifies, huh?

lovely and dating padon     Hard to feel lovely when you’re dating with your pad on? Is that the problem? Try a DivaCup.


We’re planning a nice, family-time-rich weekend. (Apparently, Gruff reads my blog at work, and gave some thought to the 360 issue. Excellent!) Hope you all have a great one, wherever you are. See you Monday!


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