Fly on the Windshield

What you’d have heard, if you were in the car with us yesterday.

Gruff: {singing along to the radio} Little red corvette!

Fizz: What? “Little red corvette?” Is that what he’s saying?

Gruff: What did you think he was saying?

Fizz: All these years I’ve been singing “Mir-acle Man!”

Gruff: No. Little red corvette. It’s the name of the album! He won, like, 2 Grammys for this! Are you kidding me, ‘Miracle Man?”

Fizz: It fits! {singing along to the radio} Mir-acle Man! Mir-acle Man!

Gruff: You do this all the time. Go home and Google it. It’s not miracle man.

(He’s right.) And you don’t even want to know what I thought “Tiny Dancer” was about.


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