What’s that herb

that’s supposed to help with memory loss? I forget.

See my cute little calendar over there? With the little colored-in squares for days I post? It’s like a grown-up version of a chore chart for me. I get excited when I see a whole row or a whole block filled in! Woo-eee, look what I did! After the sickies and the stresses hit me, I hit a snag in my post rhythym. But I thought I was back in the game, posting away, working on a few other posts in my word-processing software.

And then? December 17th. I was going to participate in BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes again. It was FUN last year, and this year? I have a whole.new.house. to decorate! Fun, fun, sweet times. I also have a few new decorations and sentimental traditions that I wanted to share. Oooh, baby. Big fun. I thought about taking my pictures the day that I decorated, but then thought, Hey, I might add a few new things or rearrange between now and then. I’ll wait until it gets closer. And you know what happened next?

I forgot.

I forgot all about it! Oytothevey. I was SO vexed with myself when I realized – a scootch after midnight – that I’d missed it, I ended up psyching myself out of posting the next few days. But you know, that’s a little bit Scroogey, and I’m more of a Cratchit most of the time. Cheery, and merry, and God bless us, every one, and such.

So I figure, BooMama seems like a nice lady. Hopefully the forgiving type. Because I’m going to post my Christmas Tour of Home in a few minutes, even though I’m days late, and I’m not going to convince myself that Ye Olde Internets will hate me for breaking the rules a wee little bit and forgetting something I said I was going to do.

And maybe Santa will bring me some of that stuff in my stocking. Blue Cohosh, or St. John’s Wort, or Calendula, or whatever it is.


One Response to What’s that herb

  1. Mrs. Chicken says:

    This holiday has been kicking everyone’s arse. We were supposed to leave today, and instead Mr. C is laid up with severe – and inexplicable, according to the doc – heel pain.

    Vexed is right.

    Merry merry to you, Fizz.

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