Search Results Not Found (I Hope!)

You know, I’ve read some of the funny searches that bring people to other blogs, but I never expected to get any myself. In the last little while, though, my searches have started to get wierder and wierder. They’re not as bad as some, but they still made me laugh.

“elephant stay pregnant” Okay, I know I was big by the end there, but I was hardly an elephant!

“life cycle of a hamster” Depends a lot on how many kids and cats you have in your house

 “sailing diaper” Wouldn’t it just be easier to go out on a boat that has a bathroom on board?

“ugly christmas tree” Give me a break, it wasn’t that bad!

“my 16 year old son has a tiny penuis” Oh.Dear.Lord. Why, why, why, is someone searching for this at all? And if it’s important enough to them to search for it, why can’t they spell it? And what did I do wrong to get this one pointed to me?

“feet+weblong” Is this a search for long, webbed feet? Or feet on a blog? Either way, I’m guessing that whoever clicked through to me from this search was a very disappointed fetishist.


One Response to Search Results Not Found (I Hope!)

  1. kerry says:

    those are some good ones! 🙂

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