Why I’m watching “When Harry Met Sally” for the b’zillionth time.

My husband is recording the Video Game Awards tonight.

Since he’s on-call keeping everyone in the surgical intensive care unit alive and all, he can’t watch it while it’s on. So my beloved TiVo is now set to Spike TV. Do you know what this means? For one thing, I’m stuck watching the meager few “TiVo Suggestions” left in my playlist because I don’t have a dual tuner – and I’m all cozy on the couch with my knitting and my laptop (nope, I can’t multitask that well – but my fingers cramp after too much of either knitting or typing, so I alternate) – so I may have to go upstairs and watch the TV in my room soon. But the more important thing is, now TiVo is going to think I’m a 20-something guy who likes Video Games. It’s going to record all the crap on Spike TV! It’s going to record that awful show that reviews video games and has a wierd “Entertainment Tonight” kind of format! Do you know how much thumbs-upping and thumbs-downing it’s going to take to convince that machine that this was a one-time occurence?

 And the really funny thing is, I didn’t even want this stupid thing in the first place.


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