Hunting Update

Well, the job at the church looks like it won’t work. I didn’t realize that this satellite campus is an outreach sort of location; it’s in a rough area of town and in my phone “pre-interview,” the woman who currently holds the positioned mentioned how I ought to handle being approached by the drunk or homeless persons on my way toward the building from the parking lot. That little tidbit alarmed Gruff to no end – especially in light of her caution that I wouldn’t be able to come in and work in the evenings (when he’s home to watch Smooch) as they don’t want anyone working in the evenings and never, ever is anyone to be alone in the building; which meant that I’d be taking Smooch with me in order to work there a few mornings a week. He vetoed it completely.

I called my parents to vent and mope, and my dad (himself a former educator, now techie-type for his local school system) mentioned that I should think about tutoring through one of those Big Chain Learning Centers. What genius! I’d been approaching the idea of tutoring only as a sole-person venture. But those BCLCs, they stay open in the evenings and weekends. People bring their kids there. And they use a lot of part-timers to fill their busy schedules. I decided it was worth a try.

 This afternoon, when I put Smooch down for a nap, I updated my resume and printed out a copy along with a photocopy of my National Board Certificate. I took a shower, did a lovely blow-out, put on makeup, and my best attempt at a cute casual-yet-professional ensemble (sleek boots, the perfect jeans, and a sweater-and-button-down combo).  I headed out toward the BCLC, and got a little bit lost in the endless rows of “professional complex” buildings, but I did eventually find it.

 I walked in just as two kids walked out with their dad and tutor close behind. Another woman stood behind them, and clearly wasn’t leaving. She was young – probably my age – and pregnant, and she asked, “Can I help you?”

“Oh, yeah, um, I was wondering if you know if y’all are accepting applications for new tutors?”

She said that she was (note that emphasis… it turns out this young thing runs the place!) and she was actually calling about 50 applicants in a few days, so it was good I’d come in today. I dropped my resume (ever the klutz) in trying to hand it to her, and then she asked about my background.

“Well, I’m a National Board Certified teacher, elementary, and taught for five years. I took some time off when my son was born, and now I’m afraid of going broke looking for something part-time, you know, less intense than the full classroom scene.”

Meanwhile, she was looking over my rez. “I’m looking for people who can work with the little ones…” We shared a moment about how it takes “a special person” to work with middle schoolers and a different “special person” to work with preschoolers. I felt like she was genuinely happy that I had walked in.  Then she continued, motioning toward the papers in her hand, “…and what I’m seeing so far is really exciting!” (Internal: woo-hoo!) “I’ll definitely give you a call on Monday and set up an interview.” (Internal: holy crap, great!) She gave me her card and we said our goodbyes.

Now I just wait to see if my scheduling and availabilty limitations will be a deal-breaker. Do me a favor? Send some prayers, or good thoughts, or positive energy, or whatever you like, my way. At the moment I have no idea what the pay scale is like at this place, or how many hours she’d be able to offer me.

 But I’m hopeful. And I’m feeling very positive. In a way, I’m actually energized – with thoughts of working with students again, with thoughts of how I’ll have to get organized and stay on top of things to pull this off, with thoughts of how good it will be for Gruff to be the primary caregiver for a while (wink, wink – he might appreciate my job a little more, you know?)


2 Responses to Hunting Update

  1. Waiting Amy says:

    That sounds like a great option! Hope things fall into place for you.

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