I know, I know, I just did an alphabet post a few days ago. But Mrs. Chicken tagged me for this alphabet meme, and I can’t say no to Mrs. C! Plus, it’s almost the end of NaBloYeahYeahWeGetItAlready and I’m feeling a little drained of new ideas.

So the rules are that you must use each letter of the alphabet to generate a word that describes you. The words must be positive. No “L is for Lame”, “G is for Grumpy”. You must link to your tagger and your taggees. Now here we go!

I think I’m: Attached, Brainy, Craftsy, Decisive, Exuberant, Faithful, Genial, Hardworking, Introspective, Joyful, Kindhearted, Loyal, Merciful, Neighborly, Orderly, Petite, Quizzical, Reflective, Sentimental, Traditional, Unencumbered, Valiant, Whimsical, X-chromosomal, Yielding, and Zealous.

And I tag Creative-Type Dad and WhyMommy. Now, three cheers for the alphabet!


One Response to ABCDEFizz

  1. Mrs. Chicken says:

    *clap clap*

    Outstanding! Much better list than mine.

    Thanks for playing along.

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