30 days

One month from today, I’ll be arranging the presents under the tree “just so,” probably for the dozenth time. I’ll be checking the mail for those down-to-the-last-minute cards and newsy updates from friends far-flung across the globe.

I’ll be blasting the carols and the pop songs, the Christian Contemporary and the comedy, the many CDs and the playlist on the iPod. And (naturally) I’ll be singing along at the top of my lungs.

I’ll be watching at least two hours – if not more – of the 24-hour marathon of the best cult-classic ever, on TBS.

We’ll all be getting ready for the candlelight service at church (although it’s going to take some serious thought, how to handle a candlelight service with an almost-2-year-old) and we’ll walk out with a sense of wonder and joy.

When we get home, I’ll be dressing Smooch in his festive red & green snowflake pajamas and posing him for pictures. I’ll be drinking hot chocolate or eggnog, and munching on a whole variety of cookies.

I’ll be missing my family, since they’ve all decided to make their next visit in the Spring. The refrigerator will be full to bursting with all the food – way too much for just the three of us—that I’ll be ready to cook.

And I’ll be snuggling with my sweetie, praying for a beautiful snow overnight, and whispering our excitement about seeing our little one when he wakes up.

My countdown begins today. I can hardly wait for Christmas.


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