You can tell a lot about a woman by her linen closet.

Well, I don’t actually know how true that is, but it seemed like it would be fun to take a peek into mine anyway. Our linen closet is at the end of the upstairs hallway. The door to the left is to Smooch’s room. We use it for all the normal linens, but it’s also my overflow pantry and miscellaneous home goods stockroom. So here it is:
Photo by Fizz
1. Twin-bed sized comforter from my college dorm room.

2. Full-bed sized comforter from our first apartment.

3. Queen-bed sized “Christmas print” comforter from my mother.

4. Blankets we actually use. The top one is a throw with our college pictured on it; the bottom is the first quilt I ever made.

5. Baby blankets that we don’t actually use. The top was hand-crocheted by some great-aunt at some point; the middle (which you can’t see) is the receiving blanket my grandma used when my mom came home from the hospital; and the bottom was quilted for me by an aunt when I was born.

6. Sheets for the “Big Bed”.

7. This is the funny part of my linen closet. Here you’ll find holiday-scented Yankee Candle Co. big jars, unscented tealights, extra matches, the just-in-case pack of disposable diapers, extra paper towels, plastic silverware, and food that duplicates stuff we already have in the kitchen pantry: juice, cereal, instant mashed potates, sugar, and flour. I just keep praying that the food is all properly stored and won’t draw bugs – because can you imagine all the extra laundry?

8. Towels, washcloths, and handtowels for the upstairs bathroom.

9. Sheets, blankets, & mattress pads for the crib.

10. Towels & washcloths for Smooch.

11. Beach towels.

12. In the back: my stash of child-proofing paraphanalia (outlet covers, drawer & cabinet latches) in Ziploc bags. In the front: my heating pads (actually two handmade “rice socks” and an old-fashioned hot water bottle. The electric heating pad has a permanent residence on my side of the bed because I seem to have some achy spot almost every single night).

13. Vera Bradley makeup tote containing makeup that I don’t use daily but can’t bear to throw away. Also stashed in this corner are extra toiletries, trial-size or hotel-room-size toiletries, and stuff like Qtips and cotton balls. I need some sort of bin or basket for these things, because if the door to the closet is open, Smooch loves to rummage around and bring me things. Like, here, Mommy, have some contact solution! And a toothbrush! And a bar of soap!

I showed you mine – want to show me yours? Linen closets, pantries, whatever you’ve got. And if you have some super-fabulous organizational tip, even better! Leave me a comment if you do, I want to come & see!


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