Sunday Scrappin’ on a Monday Mornin’

Amy has started a Sunday Scrappin’ meme, which I found during the Fall Y’all to-do. And then promptly forgot about. Ooops.

My scrapbooking “ta-da”s for the week? Nothing. Between keeping up with the house, grabbing that all-important quiet time at the library, and normal toddler care, I didn’t get any crafting done at all.

I do have a fun “to-do” for the week coming up, though. This Friday, I’ll be going to a crop from 7-Midnight. So my first to-do for the week is organizing my pictures and materials in my album tote. While I’m there, I’m going to try to finish my 2002 album. (Up until a few months ago, all of those pictures were in magnetic pages. Then I decided to retrofit all of my old albums into new, photo-safe, archival-quality {read: Creative Memories} albums.)

Amy also asked about our favorite scrappy craft. I’ve never ventured into cardmaking, stamping, quilling, or any of those other things. I really adore just plain scrapbooking, because I really believe in the importance of preserving family history. It has always made me sad that I don’t have scrapbooks -or even loose photos- from my grandparents’ lives. I don’t even have many photos of my parents’ childhoods! So, I’m nebbishly dedicated to righting that wrong for my own children. Starting with my pregnancy, Smooch’s days have been painstakingly memorialized; and now I’m feverishly working backwards, chronologically, to cover my life with Gruff. Eventually, I’ll do as much as I can for my childhood and Gruffs, and I’m hoping to one day find heritage photos from our parents and grandparents.


One Response to Sunday Scrappin’ on a Monday Mornin’

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for playing along with Sunday Scrappin!

    I used to just be into scrapbooking, too, but rubber stamping seems to have taken over my crafty time these days. I’m like you, though, I want to scrap all kinds of memories for my kids to keep years from now. I really need to get those albums together.

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