This is probably a sign of addiction

This morning, I woke up and promptly put on a pot of coffee. I had my two cups, as always, with my breakfast. I saw a little snippet on the news about Election Day while I was eating. Glad for the reminder, I Google-mapped my polling place and headed out the door.

I wore Smooch in my Ergo carrier, and went in to vote. 10:00 a.m. is a slow spell for our town, I guess, because I was the only person voting. Smooch charmed all the little-old-lady poll workers, I got my “I Voted!” sticker, and we ran to the bank to cash a check.

Still had time to kill before we went to playgroup. And what, do you ask, did I do to pass the time? I stopped for a coffee at a little place near the interstate. It’s a cute, non-chain cafe’ with a drive-thru – all plusses, if you ask me. I was going to have a simple latte, until the girl on the intercom asked if I’d like to make that a Gingerbread Latte. Well, sure; we’re nearly at the holidays and it would be UnHoliday Spirited of me to refuse, right? It was really good.

On the way home from playgroup, my thoughts drifted back to that latte. It would probably be embarrassing to go back to the same drive-thru for another latte, two hours later, I reasoned. Plus, that would get expensive. Maybe I could replicate it at home! I have an espresso machine (last year’s birthday gift from my mom & dad) and all I really need to do is figure out how to make the “gingerbread” seasoning.

Well, I’m actually out of ginger, and apparently that’s a major ingredient in gingerbread syrup. But I do have plenty of cinnamon, and leftover canned pumpkin puree, so I made a lovely pumpkin spice syrup. As soon as I foam the milk, I’ll be having a yummy homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Three coffees in one day. Probably excessive. I think I have a problem. Is there a Coffee Anonymous out there?


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