Having a Baby Changes Everything

I used to have an appointment at a day spa every six weeks. I’d get my hair cut, highlighted, and blown out.  Now, I get it cut every eight months and I just recently colored it at home, but I’ve already got roots showing.

I used to shop for new shoes and clothes for myself, with a couple of girlfriends along to give their opinions. Now, I mainly shop for new shoes and clothes for Smooch. My occasional purchases for myself are made online, with only bloggy reviewers for opinions.

I used to have a gym membership, and I worked out several times a week with a girlfriend. I was in the best shape of my life. Now, I make grand plans to do a yoga video or take a walk… and then don’t follow through. I’m in moderately awful shape. 

I used to get French pedicures about once a month. Now I remember to pumice my feet in the shower about once a month, and every so often I paint my toenails.

I used to see my eye doctor once a year for a full exam and six months later for a contacts check-up. Now I haven’t been to the optometrist in eight months – and that was a visit to some guy at a chain in the mall. I’ve been wearing the same pair of contacts on and off, with a LOT more glasses-wearing than usual, for three months (they’re designed for 30-day wear).

I used to see the dentist faithfully every six months. My last visit was in February and I don’t even know of a good dentist here.

I used to attend a scrapbooking “crop” session once a month, where I could hang out with friends and get several pages done in my albums and stay out until midnight. Now, I work alone in the spare bedroom. And I haven’t done that in a month or longer.

You know, despite all these changes to my life –and these are just the ones that are all about my personal shit, trust me, there are dozens of other changes that have to do with Gruff, or with our relationship– I want to do it again. We’ve been discussing it for the last couple of months, and just recently decided that we’re open to having another baby. This year started out brutally for us, and it’s time for some hope in our lives.

Just making this decision has been incredibly beneficial. I’ve gone through the last few days with a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eyes. (And it’s not just because I know I’ll be getting plenty of action….) I am so happy with the thought of another baby. I’m sure part of it is just plain biology – and a little bit of selective amnesia – because I didn’t have the smoothest pregnancy with Smooch. And we all know that the newborn days are a blur of highs and lows. But right now, I’m only remembering the pleasant moments, and I’m absolutely giddy with the prospect of feeling all of that again.

Even though it certainly will mean even less personal time than I already have, I’m up for it.


3 Responses to Having a Baby Changes Everything

  1. Leeanthro says:

    I hear ya!

    My eyes have been hurting and I just saw the eye doctor. My glasses are from 2004 (the same year my oldest was born)!

    I haven’t shaved my legs since right before the baby was born (he’s almost 6 months now). No sense in shaving now- I might need the hair for winter warmth 🙂

    I used to do yoga and walk. I used to be slim and in shape. One Saturday morning I was going to go to yoga and instead turned around and got a pedicure.

    I used to scrapbook and photograph things other than my children.

    I used to relax with a glass of wine with my husband.

    I used to sleep in the same bed as him! (Now I pass out on the couch after the children are in bed.)

    Yep, having kids really changes us. But I would bet that by the time the kids are in grade school, we can start taking care of ourselves.

  2. Mrs. Chicken says:

    But you forgot to mention one change … the change in your heart, and how much bigger it gets.

  3. fizzledink says:

    Aww. Yes, but every time I approached that thought it came out sounding like I used to be the Grinch. (Three sizes too small and whatnot.)

    But you’re right – and I think that’s part of the drive to do it again, the amazing heart-squeezing love you feel that you’ve never felt before. I’ll gladly put up with all the lows, to get to feel that high twice as much.

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