Fizz Recommends

(Nope, sadly not getting anything out of these endorsements. Of course, if you belong to one of these companies and want to load me up with some of my favorite products, I’ll take ’em!)

I’m loving Method’s new handsoap fragrance: Cinnamon Bark. It smells like real, freshly-grated cinnamon sticks. The scent lingers on your hands after you wash, but not so long (or so strongly) that it becomes annoying. Plus, the bottle is pretty and the color matches my bathroom and my kitchen, so I’m happy to have it on display in both places. It’s probably a limited edition for the holidays, so if you like it as much as I do, stock up now!

Smooch and I both love California Baby’s Calendula Cream. So far, I haven’t seen it at my local Target (though they do carry some of the other awesome products by California Baby); I purchased mine online. It’s free of gluten, dairy, soy, oats, and nut oils; it’s also free from parabens, sodium benzoate, and other kooky multisyllabic ingredients. The company uses organic & sustainably grown ingredients, so you can feel good about buying from them. But this cream? Can we talk? It’s got a great fragrance – lightly smells of lavendar. The consistency is lighter than a “body butter” but is thick and creamy at the same time. It absorbs quickly, and it has helped with Smooch’s occasional dry skin and little patches of excema. It’s recommended by CB for chapped skin, simple scrapes and cuts, cradle cap, and can even be used in the diaper area for light rashes. I bought the 2-oz. size in March, and we’re about halfway through it (though I used it less in the summer). I’ll be buying another one soon to get us through the winter!

Have you tried this stuff yet? Glad Press’n Seal Wrap is such a cool invention. Instead of regular plastic wrap (which, honestly, I was always pretty bad with – it never did the shiny, stretchy, pretty covering-of-bowls for me) this stuff sticks to itself or to the container you’re using when you press down. You can get a great seal whether your bowl is plastic or glass or metal. And you can even use it on a cut tomato, onion, or pepper – just lay the veggie on a section of wrap and fold one end back over, and press around the edges of the veggie. Seriously, I’ve used this on a half-bell pepper and it stayed fresh for days longer than it would in a plastic food storage container.

Now honestly, this is probably more than a recommendation. This is a plea – a plea to anyone who still has all their photos shoved in a shoebox, or a Rubbermaid tote, or (worse, maybe!) saved on their computer’s hard drive and not printed at all. I am begging you to click over to Creative Memories’ website – select Find a Consultant – type in your address – and start preserving your memories with CM’s archival quality, photo safe, easy-to-use albums and papers. Don’t tell me, “But Fizz! I’m not a crafty person! I don’t ‘scrapbook’! That’s too hard and it takes too long and…” because you’re wrong. Sorry, but you are. It’s easy. And a CM consultant will work on the whole thing with you – from printing and organizing your photos, to sorting through those old shoeboxes, to selecting your style of albums, to getting those photos into those albums. What good are those 10,000 pictures doing you, or anyone in your family, if they languish in a box? Get them on paper, add your comments about who is in the pic and what is happening. Create a keepsake. Give your kids the gift of their family’s history. Seriously. I cannot recommend this enough. 


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