We went to church, but it felt like the zoo.

At the church we’ve been visiting, Gruff and I have been attending a Parenting Small Group class the last three weeks. (Smooch does the Nursery thing. Lordy. I hope that’s going to get easier, because it’s quite the roller-coaster so far.) We started watching a video series (apparently taped in the 80’s, judging by the ties and glasses of the speaker!) featuring Dr. Gary Smalley.

He starts off by identifying four types of parents, and then four personality types. (I’m brilliantly deducing that next week he’s going to tell us how to use each of the personality types to do each of the parenting types – well, only two of the parenting types are considered positive, so at least how to use our personality type to do THOSE parenting types.)

So the four personality types are some of the funniest I’ve ever encountered. Forget the colors, forget the initals. Are you a lion, an otter, a golden retriever, or a beaver? 🙂 See, that’s funny, right? A blogger named WierdGuy lays it out in more detail on his site, but in brief, a lion is strong-willed and dominant; an otter is a party waiting to happen; a golden retriever is gentle, loyal, and conflict-avoidant; and a beaver is analytical and perfectionistic. You can do a survey here if you’re really interested in knowing.

Apparently I’m a lion-beaver. Gruff is a golden retriever-otter. No telling about Smooch yet – but given his parentage, I’m betting he’ll be a Golden Li-be-ott.

3 Responses to We went to church, but it felt like the zoo.

  1. Eric says:

    Hey Fizz, thanks for the link! You might also be interested in The 5 Love Languages by Chapman. He did a book on the 5 Love Languages of Children which is an excellent read as well. It’s part of understanding your child’s “emotional currency”.

    Learning the animal temperaments are fun. Especially when you are trying to understand them and communicate with them.

    Keep blogging,
    -Eric (a.k.a. WeirdGuy)

  2. FENICLE says:

    Those are totally in every church I think!! (The personalities I mean!)

  3. fizzledink says:

    Hey Eric! I’ve read the adult version of 5 Love Languages and plan to read the kids’ one within the next year or so. I know that when I taught kindergarten, I could already see some of my students’ love languages – but at just-under-two I don’t think I can really tell about my little guy yet. The concept of the love languages is great, though – it really helped me (and, once he read the pages I turned down for him, helped Gruff too 😉 ) to re-think the way we communicate in our marriage.

    Fenicle, I know!!! The thing I love about personality types (really from just about any survey I’ve done) is that once you read all the types for that particular one, you can start picturing people you know in each of the types.

    This one is so fun with the animal characteristics, too. When he was talking about himself and his kids as four otters, not only do you imagine this crazy household, but you also remember the last time you visited the Otter Habitat at the aquarium – the way they jump and dive and play in the water? And those two images just go together SO well in your head. It’s a hoot!

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