Cure for the Common Cold

Like I mentioned yesterday, I have a cold. I feel like crap, but I’m not incapacitated. (Good thing, since Gruff is on-call and the only break I’ll get is if Smooch decides to nap. Three days ago he didn’t sleep a wink, day before yesterday he napped for three hours, and yesterday he kept himself awake for at least an hour and a half and then apparently slept for 30 minutes. It’s a toss-up how it will go today.)

And as an aside – moms or dads of older toddlers and preschoolers, is this how your child started to give up their nap? Because I remember about a month of transition from two naps to a single nap, where Smooch would go from day to day, either napping really long and hard or not napping well at all during that morning nap. And that’s how everyone told me I would know he was starting to move toward needing just a single nap. But sweet mother of God! He’s not even 2 yet! Is he really capable of giving up his nap this early?

Getting back to the cold – it’s been your standard little inconvenient illness. I have a sore throat and muscle aches and a coming-and-going headache. So the standard advice applies: rest when you can (ha!), drink lots of fluids, wash your hands, take Tylenol and Motrin. That’s all well and good, and even though I’m not better at least I’m not worse.

Then, the miracle occured. I discovered the cure for my common cold. Hershey’s Kisses Limited Edition Cherry Cordial! Ooooooh, baby. Sweet and gooey and oh-so-cherry-ey. Yummm. Cheers me right up, muscle aches or no. Paired with a Diet Dr. Pepper?  Heaven on earth. I feel better already. Alert the CDC – we need to stock up on these sweet morsels for the duration of cold & flu season!


2 Responses to Cure for the Common Cold

  1. Mrs. Chicken says:

    The Poo gave up her nap cold turkey at exactly 27 months. It near about killed us all.

    But yeah, that could be a sign that he’s ready to give it up. Take my advice and make sure you institute quiet time right away when he does give it up altogether. I didn’t do that and I am SO SORRY NOW. 🙂

  2. fizzledink says:

    That’s sort of my plan — my rule of thumb is two hours of mommy break a day. If he lays right down and naps for two hours (or more, oh sweet nectar of the gods!) then as soon as he wakes up I’m in there turning cartwheels and what have you.

    If he naps less than 2 hours, then he stays in his crib until we hit the 2-hour mark (unless, of course, there is extreme crying and/or illness and/or other extenuating circumstances, yada yada yada).

    And on days he doesn’t nap at all? Sometimes I cave at 90 minutes, but I’m trying to stick to the two hour thing. Even though HE can’t tell time (and doesn’t even have a clock in his room ::shrug::), I certainly can.

    He always has ‘babies’ {stuffed animals of various sorts} and books and pacifiers and a blanket in the crib with him, so he has plenty to entertain himself. Though I wonder about the logistics of it – once he’s not napping consistently, and it’s officially more of a “quiet time”, should he be in a toddler bed? Is it totally unfair to keep him in a crib AND stuck in his room for two hours every midday?

    This is becoming a freakin’ long comment and I should probably table this and create a new post on the subject. Shuttin’ myself up now! 🙂

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