Back when I did this on paper

In the tradition of Cringe, I’m baring my soul and offering up my first attempts as a diarist. Wince and laugh along with me, won’t you? (To give you a timeline, I turned seven in the fall of ’87.)

May 30, 1987   Mom and Dad thought I was sloppy on my papers. (Some of.)

June 8, 1987   It rained.

Oct. 7, 1987  I got a perm! Great day! (Looking back on this one, I can’t believe that my mom let me get a perm at seven years old.)

Oct. 21, 1987  I went to Daiseeis. {actual spelling! oy…} tomorrow I take my test in swimming.

March 23, 1988   I am in love I mean LOVE with Jesse B—-!!! (When I taught third grade, I was amazed at the kids in my class having “boyfriends and girlfriends” and I bemoaned the state of modern eight-year-olds to my husband. Looks like falling in love I mean LOVE happens to eight-year-olds the world over, since the dawn of time. And doesn’t that make me feel like an old fogey already?)

Aug. 11, 1988   Dear Diary, Well we have gone 1400 miles ever since we left [state]. We’re on our way to Grandmama and I’m excited. She is going to give [Squirt] and I a birthday party, with persents and all. People are amazed when I tell them I’m In grades 3,4,7, and 8. I don’t want to go to [state] because I don’t have any friends there.

Nov. 12, 1988 Dear Diary, Today is Mom & Dad’s anniversary and I ruined it! I agervated mom. (Thank God I eventually learned how to spell or she’d probably still be agervated every time I sent her a misspelled anniversary card!)

April 3, 1989 Dear Diary, I think the movie “Daddy’s Little Girl” sounds good, but it is rated PG-13 so Bye Bye Baby! Anyways, today is great! (I tried looking this movie up, and apparently “Daddy’s Little Girl” was the working title; it was eventually released as “She’s Out of Control.” It starred Tony Danza as a dad trying to protect his teenaged daughter from boys who think about sex “652 times a day,” and I can see why my mom didn’t want me to see it at my age. Although when it was released (April 14, 1989) it was only rated PG. So technically she could have let me see it. Not that I’m bitter or anything.)

{later} April 3, 1989  Dear Diary, I can’t do any math right , mom called me rude, so it has been a bad day. I feel lonely. I miss dad (in the feild!) Samantha [American Girl doll] is my only companion besides Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. Why do I feel so down? People don’t understand me! (My heartfelt testimony that I was depressed and alone, you know, except for the Holy Trinity, totally cracks me up now. I’m sure at the time it was the but hey, what good is childhood angst if not for providing humor later in your life?)

Future! I am going to grow up, get married, and have 4 children!!! (This was at the end of the diary, but I don’t remember if it was truly my last entry, or if I wrote it at some other point in the two years I kept the diary. Either way – so far it’s 2/3 correct. I am grown up and I am married. The jury’s still out on that whole four kids thing, and Gruff swears it’ll never happen, so we’ll see.)

So, anyone else want to share your earliest known writings? Going through my box of papers and reading through my little diary really was a lot of fun (if you consider cringing, wincing, laughing until you cry, and gasping in shock and horror at your past self, fun).Leave me a comment if you do, so I can come by your place and read them.


2 Responses to Back when I did this on paper

  1. Jessi says:

    Oh, memory lane….how do I love thee? I have journals from the time I was that age and every so often I go back and read through them. Nintendo and boys seem to be my biggest themes, lol.

  2. fizzledink says:

    Nintendo! Okay, back in 1980-something, my little brother (Squirt) and I bought a Nintendo together. He loved it (and started a life-long love affair with all things video-gaming) and I was basically unimpressed. Less than a year after our joint purchase, he bought me out of my share of the system. Yeah, he didn’t even have his first job yet and he owned mutual funds and had a takeover under his belt. This is why, as adults, I was a poor teacher and he’s an accountant. He’ll probably be a millionaire by the time he’s 30.

    A little off the topic, but hey! That brought back more memories for me.

    So Jessi, are you going to post some of your Nintendo-and-boy-laden journal entries!?

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