Rainy Days and Mondays

So yesterday was the latter. It was a wicked day, filled with too much cleaning for me and too much TV for the Smooch. We had to get out our fall/winter clothes out of storage bins, which begat many piles of clothes all over our bedroom. Clothes that need to be put in storage, clothes that need to be washed and hung up, clothes that don’t fit and need to be donated. Having to tiptoe around piles of clothes caused us to pile up other stuff on every spare surface, instead of putting things away. So, my Monday project was to handle all those clothes, all the miscellaneous crap that had piled up, and return our room to a state of peace and calm. Of course, my room is not much fun for a 20-month old. So Smooch ran around the whole upstairs – pulling utensils and Tupperware out of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, bringing toys and stuffed animals from his room out to the rest of the house, and dressing up in Mommy’s & Daddy’s belts and scarves and shoes. He also watched snippets of Sesame Street, Backyardigans, and It’s a Big, Big World. We’re clearly not a TV-free house, but I try to find some sort of moderation of the screen for Smooch. Usually I limit (myself) to one 30-minute show, and I either play it in the morning so I can get a shower and a cup of coffee, or in the afternoon when we hit the ‘witching hour’ and Gruff is still at the hospital so I can get a little break. I’m trying not to beat myself up for the 2 hours of television yesterday. You wouldn’t feel guilty for taking a shot of penicillin when you were sick; as much as I may feel conflicted about it, the truth is that TV is one tool in my box when I need to get something done.

Today is the former. It started raining around 9:00, and at first it was fun. I let Smooch run out on the deck, where the exclaimed over his wet feet and smacked his hands in the puddles and looked around trying to figure out where all the water was COMING from. He learned the sign for “rain” and signed excitedly a few times. I made him come inside and dry off (much shrieking ensued) and after he relaxed, he noticed all the birds out in our yard. We recently put in a birdfeeder, and though it took a few days for them to notice we had the goods over here, we are now the hot place to dine for Midwest Songbirds in the know. He tried to imitate bird calls -hilarious, by the way- and learned the sign for “bird.” The problem with this particular rainy day is that we usually have our playgroup on Tuesdays and we usually meet at a park. Several phone calls later, we’d settled on an indoor location and I realized we were running late. Imagine much rushing around and flinging of things into the diaper bag. Yeah, fun. When we got there, oh goody!, it was a ‘downtown’ area with street parking. Are you kidding me? I am one of the WORST. PARKERS. EVER. And that’s in big mall parking lots. Parallel parking, on a narrow street, in the rain? Good Lord help me. I did find an end spot and parked successfully close to the curb without running up onto it, and even though we were late we were still the second ones there. As it turned out, playgroup was fun and a great diversion, but then we had to run a few errands and head home. Smooch was tired and oh-so-cranky by the time we got home. He’s sleeping now, and I just pray he wakes up in a better mood. Gruff has a big, fancy dinner to attend tonight, so I’m home alone until past bedtime.

Karen Carpenter, I feel your pain.

*I’ve had some technical difficulties getting the video to post, so I apologize if you’ve had screwy stuff showing up in a feed reader. I think I have it figured out now.*


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