Another lesson from my toddler

Today we went to library story time. Smooch woke up earlier than usual, so by 11:00 instead of being chipper and cheerful, he was starting to get tired and squirmy. We left halfway through the second story, checked out our books, and headed back outside to the car.

Some days, I look at him and wonder how on earth I got so lucky. He’s really a very calm, relaxed kid – especially for his age (20 months). He has a great attention span for most activities and he will sit calmly during church, airplane flights, and story times. Or at least, he will when he’s well-rested.

Days like today, I sigh and pray that this is just a fluke day. I don’t know how some moms do it – the moms who have those little boys bundles of nonstop energy or little girls live wires. I’d be so exhausted if I had to do this wrestling, chasing, reminding routine every single day!

As we made our way down the sidewalk toward the car, I was focusing on getting my excited guy to walk forward. He was holding my hand, but turning around to look back at the library’s automatic doors, and walking sideways with a side-stepping motion. I said something about his water bottle being in the car, which got his attention, and he started running down the sidewalk facing front. Then he stopped.

He went over to the row of miniature rosebushes that line the sidewalk, and we stopped to smell the roses. Literally. On a day when he was all fitful energy, he just stopped and leaned over and did those big elaborate baby sniffs. Isn’t it funny how our babes can do that, naturally and effortlessly, when we grownups have to buy books and watch seminars about how to slow down and live purposefully and be in the minute and all that?

I did have to remind him a few times that we smell with our noses and not our fingers. But I think his reminder to me was the better one.


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