Smooch and I are sitting at the table – me with my laptop and a large glass of half-cranapple, half-water; he with a cereal bar, a bib, and a sippy cup of half-cranapple, half-water.

 How did this happen? I love to tell people that he only drinks whole milk and water. I love to know that he is drinking two things that are really good for him – not sugar and high fructose corn syrup masquerading as things that are good for him.  The last time he got sick, what started out as a cold turned into a viral tummy problem. Gruff decided we should give him some of those kids’ electrolyte drinks, and told him it was “juice.”

 He was in love.

 I, personally, shudder at the smell of those drinks. Even the ever-popular grown-up versions, like Gatorade, make me wince. I think they taste like sweat.

Not that I drink sweat. But, you know, what it seems like sweat would taste like, if you had to taste it.

Anyway, so now Smooch has been asking us for “joos?” when we open the fridge. No tantrums or tears when we explain that there is no juice, so that’s nice. But still, he has remembered it and keeps asking.

Last night at the grocery store, I picked up some Cranapple juice. My bright idea was to have something on hand that could be doctored up with a splash of  Grey Goose after we put Smooch to bed. However, when I opened the fridge this morning to get out the whole milk for Smooch’s “bup” (…on a side note, while this kid is totally capable of making the /c/ sound, he refuses to do so and actually corrects us when we say “cup.” He sticks his little finger out at us and shakes it just slightly while he very carefully enunciates: “bup!” ) he saw the bright red liquid in the big plastic jug.

You could just see the wheels turning in his little head. No way was he going to accept that “we don’t have any, baby!” line today.

 And so, here we sit, with our bups of joos. I just hope this isn’t going to start a new habit.


One Response to Joos

  1. crono says:

    Ah, yes, cries of “juice juice!” Feel lucky he doesn’t cry when there is none. There are few things that can annoy like a child crying for apple juice or orange juice in a car. Apparently the few minutes it will take to get home and refill the juice cup is too much to take!

    Hey sis, hope you don’t mind me dropping in here.

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