If it’s not relaxing, is it still called a vacation?

I’ll get back to the religious odyssey postings soon. For now, though, a deep question for mothers: will I ever again have an honest-to-goodness vacation?

When I was in college, I took a couple of vacations with friends – one with my then-boyfriend Gruff. They were all a total blast. Relaxing on the beach, going to a club, eating at restaurants, swimming in hotel pools, touring historic downtowns, shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

I got to take a “vacation” last week (hence the lack of posting here) when my parents came into town to visit our new house and see the Smooch. Sorry, folks, but this does not a vacation make. Where was the relaxing? Where was the fun? I got to do extra laundry. Extra cooking. Extra driving. Extra vacuuming – since my mom is so allergic to the Purrs.

I shouldn’t be so negative. We did have fun – we went to a few local tourist-y attractions, on Dad’s dime, and took a billion pictures of Smooch with fish and dinosaurs and historic objects. I got to see Smooch bonding with his grandparents, and I got to hear him say {his version of} “grandmama” for the first time.

But really. I miss the days when vacation meant lying around without a care in the world – when other people were taking care of me! I have a feeling that this motherhood gig has put the kibosh on those for awhile.

Was this in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting?” Because I wasn’t expecting this.


2 Responses to If it’s not relaxing, is it still called a vacation?

  1. Imperfect Mommy says:

    One of many, many things that they leave out of that book — I’m still waiting to sit in my rocking chair for any amount of time. I get so annoyed when my husband says he can’t wait for the weekend… I get no weekends, no vacations, no freaking coffee breaks. And you go away, and all the work comes with you. The days of being fed, drunk, and sunburned are definitely gone for a while… but I predict when we have them back we will just want another day with our babies.

  2. fizzledink says:

    “You go away, and all the work comes with you.”

    You’re SO right! We’re getting ready for a long weekend away (at my parents’ house, then my grandparents’ house) and while it will have lovely and fun moments… it will mostly be more work.

    And I’m sure you’re right about just wanting these moments back, when the work finally does stop. It’s just hard to think in that mindset when you’re in the thick of it, you know?

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