Popping the Cherry

The obligatory first post of a new blog. Aaaaaah – starting fresh, like when you pull a new set of sheets out of the linen closet, make the bed, and look forward all day to going to bed on clean, soft, cool cotton.

Then you get in bed and discover that Smooch (the 18 month old) left his sippy cup on your pillow. And the valve fell out. So now you have a puddle of lukewarm whole milk to sleep in. Purr1 and Purr2 (the tyrannical cats who resent being replaced by Smooch) have commandeered a good portion of the bed, and aside from being a remarkable feat of physics given that they are each pretty small felines but somehow expand when sleeping to cover the majority of a queen sized bed, they have also managed to leave clinging to the sheets enough hair to form a new Purr.

Yeah, so much for the promise of lovely, clean sheets. I’ll try to manage the upkeep around here a bit better.


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