Because Life Goes On

I’m a little behind (I’m sure you understand) but Mrs. Chicken has finished The Mother of All Memes! You might remember the lovely little fiction round-robin that showed up here awhile back…. well, the deal was that after each participant contributed their bit, Mrs. C would write an ending. And wow – what an ending it is. Go, read, enjoy. It’s lovely.


Over the last few days, I find myself craving commercialism – I’m surfing the web for things I want but don’t need. It’s retail therapy, I know it is, and yet, I continue to build up shopping carts and wish lists and click “save for later.” So far I’ve managed not to actually purchase anything, but if my consuming desire for a few of these consumer goods remains over a couple of weeks I will probably go back and buy. The hot items? A new, “retro” apron. A fancy, over-the-top, designer diaper bag. Shoes for me, not the little one. Knick-knacks for the house I dream of, not the apartment I’m stuck in at the moment. Children’s clothing that’s more expensive that most of my own duds. . I’m hoping it’s a hormonal whim that will pass when things get back to “normal.”


Speaking of normal, my bloodwork shows that the level of B-hcg in my system is falling dramatically. That’s a good thing in this case – it means that the medication did work, and I won’t have to repeat it or wind up with a D&C.


Thank you, so much, to everyone who has commented and posted in their own blogs about our loss. I am so grateful for the thoughts and prayers that have poured out over the screen and into my heart. Anyone who says that this is “just” the Internet – that we are “just” mommy bloggers, that the people we meet here are somehow less than the people we meet face-to-face… well, they have obviously never experienced the love and compassion that are here in abundance.


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