We went with the medication, misoprostol. In a funny aside (don’t you love those moments of absolute hilarity that seem to accompany life’s darker days?), I was wrong about the method of delivery. When my midwife told me that I’d have “a dose in each cheek, and then repeated in 24 hours” I thought that she meant an injection in each side of my tush. But it’s actually an oral pill that’s most effective when taken sub-lingually (under the tongue) or held between the cheek and the gum. When I finally figured out what she was talking about, it struck my funny bone hard. I must have laughed -big, deep belly laughs- for a good three minutes. Which was a nice break from the gloom, really.

After dealing with the slow pharmacists who, apparently, don’t actually answer their phones to process prescriptions that have been called in, at the nearby corner pharmacy, I finally brought home my four little pills and took the first dose at 5:00 p.m. I got a phone call from my midwife a few hours later, and she said that the doctor affiliated with the midwives’ practice advised her to have me take the second dose four hours after the first, not twenty-four. So I had to take the next set of pills at 9:00 p.m. Let’s just say we didn’t get much sleep last night.

NewDotDad was a gem – he got cleared to head home early yesterday so that he could be here when I took the first dose, and to stay home with me all day today. That worked out really well – I’m not completely incapacitated today, but I’m not myself (and I’m tired from the ordeal of last night) so it is wonderful to be able to just rest and know that the baby and the house and everything else will be taken care of. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. Each time he brought NewDotBaby into our room so that we could nurse, or just for some cuddles and hugs, I would look at those two faces and feel a little better.

I’m still bouncing back and forth between normal and depressed and angry and exhausted. It’s the worst pinball game ever invented.


4 Responses to TILT

  1. MarillaAnne says:

    Repeat my comment from last post here ;~)

    You’re doing fine … completely normal … (don’t ya just luv that?)

    Don’t feel guilty for crying and don’t feel guilty for laughing … it’s been six years for us and the other night my husband and I both just suddenly broke down in tears over the same song. Then we danced to the next one.

    I’m relieved your husband got to stay home with you.

    Oh and i love the title.

    more hugs

  2. whymommy says:

    Oh, NewDotMom, I’m so very sorry. I’ve been offline and just read about what’s happened. That really sucks. I know you wanted this baby so badly, and we all wanted it for you.

    Hang in there. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. MarillaAnne says:

    Just stopping back in to check on you … pass out a few more hugs. Hang in there chickadee, the playing field levels out again … eventually.


  4. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Just stopping by to say I’m thinking of you.

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