Merry merry.

The holidays are officially on in the NewDotHouse. My in-laws have descended. NewDotBaby was proudly sporting his mama-made “I’m the BIG Brother” onesie, which was grabbed, hugged, and tickled for a full three or four minutes before anyone bothered to read it. Upon reading it, aloud, twice, and then saying ‘What the he…” the concept clicked. Everyone screamed, mama was hugged, and NDB burst into tears at all the loudness. Baby was comforted, everyone calmed down, and stepmom-in-law asked all the pertinents: “How are you feeling? How far along are you? When are you due? Was this…. um…. planned!?”

I have managed to feed everyone and clean up without being rude or snippy (okay, I made that one comment to NewDotDad, but he’s used to my hormonal flareups.) SMIL is snoozing, NDD is on his way to bed since he has to work in the morning, and FIL and I are watching the tivo’d “Charlie Brown Christmas.” It’s bedtime in about three minutes.

OH- and Santa totally came through. I introduced formula bottles again (NDB had formula for a while at 6-12 weeks) for nighttime, since my sensitivity and discomfort could NOT take the night nursing any more, and he is not ready to nightwean. Last night, NDD took over all the night feeds. I still woke up when I heard NDB, but I got to roll back over and drift off as NDD tended to our little one. It was a lovely, lovely, restorative night. I felt like a new woman this morning. Amazing how big a difference a little sleep can make.


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