Introducing The Deuce

I posted a few days ago about a possible shakeup in the NewDotFamily. There were symptoms, and vague senses of deja vu, and a can’t-put-your-finger-on-it feminine intuition prodding me to consider the possibilities. I couldn’t take the suspense for very long, so I made an early morning bathroom trip into a Test To Find Out. Within about three seconds, the little pink line had an identical pink sibling… so in about eight months, it seems that NewDotBaby is going to have a NewDotSibling.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, we really didn’t plan this. We were definitively affirmative on the question of having another child – but we were decidedly divided about when that might happen. At the very least, we were in agreement, we would wait for a year or so to “try again.”
It’s funny, in a way, that it took three years of dedicated “trying” to achieve our pregnancy with NDB. We did all the sticks and predictors and temperatures and charts and positions and old wives’ tales, and we had two early miscarriages along the way, and at some point it really felt like we might never have a pregnancy of our own. NDD is, after all, a testicular cancer survivor – so the odds were pretty evenly split whether his fertility would even return after chemotherapy. Life has a way of turning us upside down, though. Just when I think we have things figured out – a good routine, a nice plan, an exciting interstate move and new job lined up – something Brand New and Unexpected comes along.

Unexpected and unplanned do not, at least in our case, mean unwanted in any way. We are believers, and we know that every life is a gift from our Creator. This mantle of parenthood is a heavy responsibility – it has it’s endearing and lighthearted and funny and zany moments, yes, but it is ultimately a huge task to raise and rear and mold these tiny new people who are entrusted to us. We are happy and excited about this pregnancy, and I am already calling him or her “The Deuce.”

When I was pregnant with NDB, we nicknamed him “Eukanuba” and then shortened it to “Eukie” – yes, after the dog show. It’s a long story, but it was a funny moment and it cracked us up and it helped us bond to a new baby at a time when we didn’t know if he would hang in there longer than the six short weeks we’d had the first two times. So I wanted a nickname this time, too, and I like the gender neutrality of “The Deuce” (not to be confused with The Dooce of the Blogosphere, of course).

I have my share of anxieties, but I don’t want to jumble those thoughts up with this otherwise happy post. Maybe I’ll save them for awhile and see if they just disappear on their own. In the meantime, I’m thanking God for his unasked-for blessing, and hoping that you spot a suprise blessing in your own life (though not necessarily a new baby!)


4 Responses to Introducing The Deuce

  1. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Wow! Congratulations. I think you are right – it is a gift. Our girl was unexpected, but never unwanted. Happy for you, friend.

  2. Mrs. Chicken says:

    PS – I just tagged you for a meme. Go see.

  3. whymommy says:

    Congratulations, NewDotMom! This is such WONDERFUL news! I hope you have a pregnancy so easy it just flies by, and a beautiful baby to show at the end of it! Hooray!

  4. MarillaAnne says:

    Congrats! You’ll do fine. Somehow everything works out … sometimes really strangely but it works out.

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