Four Hours In The Car…

…with my husband and infant. Yeah, good freakin’ morning to you too!

Actually, the drive itself wasn’t too bad. There was no traffic, minimal construction delays, and there was a light dusting of snow flurries every so often. Since I grew up in places where it never snowed, it only takes a flake or two to make me very excited and happy. NewDotBaby snoozed for a while, and then we stopped for a bathroom break. The wind was blowing so hard, and the temperature was so frigid, I wondered what on EARTH I am going to do when we move up here, four hours north of the already-furthest-north-place-I’ve-ever-lived. I have no idea how to dress myself adequately for this type of weather – much less, how to dress a baby. Poor little NDB – his nose was bright red and his eyes were watering, in just the short jaunt from the car to the rest area doors!

It was preparing for the drive that has ruffled my feathers. Why, oh why, dear Internet, is it that when packing for the two of us, we each did about 50% of the work – but now that we are packing for the three of us, I do more than 80% of the work? It is one of the great mysteries of parenthood. The first point that bugged me is that NDD literally had no idea what gear would be needed for a weekend away (in the home of our sweet, young, unmarried-and-childfree, totally-not-babyproofed, friends). The second point that bugged me is that after I explained what we needed to pack, NDD argued with me (he doesn’t need that many toys; you don’t have to take that many clothes/blankets/pacifiers). And finally, it bugged me that even after I explained, he argued, and I rebuffed the arguments – he didn’t pitch in, other than to dress NewDotBaby and sit on the sofa watching ESPN. Woooo.

Tomorrow we meet with the realtor and start looking at neighborhoods in the New City, and I will be trying not to fall in love with any of the houses we see. It is too early in the game for us to make an offer, and all the homes we visit this weekend will surely be off the market by the time we are ready to buy. The name of the game this weekend is Detachment. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?


3 Responses to Four Hours In The Car…

  1. Courtney says:

    Good luck with that. When we moved from FL to CO (also from 2 br apt. to 2700 sq feet house) it was VERY hard to not love everything that was bigger than our little humble abode in FL. Luckily, I was able to see, fall in love, pick, pay, move…

    Enjoy your weekend away. Baby and I are flying to FL tomorrow for a long weekend out of the cold, and into the sun!

  2. The NewDotFamily says:

    Oh, Courtney, I hope that you and Baby have a better trip than NDB and I (and NDD) did! We came home with conjunctivitis and a croupy cold for him and major exhaustion for me.

    You are so right about just loving everything that’s not an apartment! I need to refine my expectations – both to help us figure out what we want and to help our poor realtor figure out what to show us! :0) It was a bit “all over the place” this weekend. I’ll have to write more about that…

  3. Mrs. Chicken says:

    Packing with an infant is a pain in the arse. It gets worse – when they are toddlers the gear gets proportionally bigger.

    Hope your scouting-out trip went well!

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