Stress Buster

Dear Mommy Readers,

Are you having one of those stressed out days? The baby pooped all over his brand-new outfit just as you got him posed for that perfect holiday-card picture? The cat threw up on the front hallway rug, and you didn’t notice until it was all over your sock? You still need to find the perfect gift for a brother-and-sister-in-law with whom you barely ever talk, so not only do you not know what they need, you don’t even know what they like? Your resourceful husband decided to fix himself something to eat, rather than ask you for help, and managed to consume three of the four ingredients for one of your favorite holiday dishes? You opened your box of Christmas decorations and discovered moths, mice, or mold amongst your treasured trinkets? You managed to volunteer to bake cookies, deliver food baskets, and pass out bulletins for the special service all on the same day?

I found a sure-fire way to put a smile back on your face. Go pop some bubble wrap!

And I highly recommend a nice Eggnog Latte to go with it… but that’s just me.



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