NaBloPoMo Day 30!

We made it! It’s the last day of November, and my blog is 30 posts richer. I had a total brain fart yesterday – wrote my post and clicked “Save As Draft” so y’all didn’t get to see it until I logged back in this morning and realized what I’d done. Oooops. My mind has been a bit preoccupied the last couple of days. (More on that another time.)


I know that I won’t manage to post daily for all of December – we are going out of town for this weekend, and at the end of month we’re being invaded by wave after wave of family for about ten days straight. All of the holiday madness, which is fun and festive and something I do completely love, is also busy and stressful and makes everyone a little nuts. I am sure there will be some funny and touching and feel-my-pain topics to blog about, and I promise to come right in and do so. Then, after the New Year, I’m going to focus on getting back in the NaBloPoMo groove and post, if not daily, then at least 5 or 6 times a week. One thing I realized through this month is how much I like clicking on my favorite blogs and knowing I’ll see something new. (Of course, I could get one of those bloglines or blogrolls or whatever they’re called, and then I could see instantly if there is a new post!) I’d like to offer the same hospitality here, you know?

So, those are my thoughts about NaBloPoMo. I don’t think I became a measurably better writer, but I did learn a little bit about tweaking my blog design. I didn’t discover untapped pockets of time to write, but I found snippets and bits that came together to be enough. It was a fun month, and I’m glad I did it. Hopefully you feel the same way.


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