Good Toys

There is a great post over at Toddler Planet about the search for great toys for her little boy. She’s posted a ton of links and makes a beautiful point about what makes a toy classic.

That’s my definition of a classic toy: something that stimulates the
imagination, can be used three different ways, and doesn’t dictate the game or
story that is being played. Childhood is a magic time, and toys are just
the tools to help make it so. They can help make it easier to pretend, or
to build, or to create, but we have to remember to set up an encouraging
environment, meet the child’s needs, and step back and let the child enjoy in
his own way, and in his own time. Whether the child plays with sticks and
leaves in the garden, or the fanciest of toys from Willow Tree, it’s the
imagination that is in the end the most valuable of all.

I really think that’s what I was *trying* to articulate with my rant against plastic – I just didn’t make the point in nearly as diplomatic or expressive language. She did a much better job, don’t you think!?


2 Responses to Good Toys

  1. whymommy says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you commented over at my place too — I’ve been searching for great mom reads and hadn’t found yours yet. I’ve read a couple back posts now (like the plastic for babies one) and it seems that we’re pretty much in agreement. Toys can never take the place of parents, and neither should they. Where do you stand on TV? I’ve generally kept it under 30 minutes a day since we started watching, at 18 months, but I’ve had to become more lax lately since I’m confined to bed or the couch with a difficult pregnancy. It’s been hard to ok more tube time, but we’re keeping it to the first 45 minutes of Sesame Street or a nature show and it seems to be going okay. Still tough to let go and turn it on, though. Sorry, I’m hijacking your comments — it’s just nice to find someone else who thinks about these things….

  2. The NewDotFamily says:

    :0) I was so glad when I found your blog, too, so I know exactly what you mean! It’s nice to know there are other moms out there with things in common.

    Ooooh, the TV question… I sense a forthcoming blog post! :0)

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