Nine Kinds of Weird

1. I only eat colored candies (M&Ms, Skittles, runts, gumdrops, etc) after first sorting them into color groups, then making the groups equal numbers by eating the “extra” candies starting with the greatest number, and then when all the groups are equal I eat them in rainbow order.

2. The only time I break that rule is in the movies, because it is too dark to see the colors and do my sorting.

3. When I was a kid, I had a dream once that there were ice-skate blades running down the center of my hands, from the tip of my middle finger to the top of my wrist. To this day, I often “feel” those blades and have a mental picture of what objects around me would look like when I touched them with the blades. This is the only “kind of wierd” that makes me think I need therapy. :0)

4. I memorize the tunes to most songs I hear, after the first or second time I hear them. I can sing or hum them with excellent pitch. However, I only occasionally learn the words correctly, and I almost never know the artist’s name or the song’s title.

5. I keep all my DVDs and CDs in alphabetical order.

6. I arrange my books by the way they look – I have groupings by color, height, or because the titles are intriguing together.

7. I am a major early bird – so much so that if NewDotDad wakes me late at night to kiss me goodbye before going to work, I’m more likely to snap his head off.

8. I plan out conversations well in advance. Especially if I’m facing someone I don’t like, or I need to bring up a sensitive or difficult subject, but often when I’m just going to have a normal, small talk, pleasant exchange. Yes, I do it out loud most of the time. Especially in the shower and in the car.

9. When I was in eighth grade, I had a “big earrings phase.” I wore true-to-size ruffled potato chip earrings (they were foamy plastic, not potato, thank goodness.) That was weird. Luckily, it was a brief offense and I’m managed to drop this particular kind of weird from my repertoire.


One Response to Nine Kinds of Weird

  1. Karen says:

    I totally get #8.

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