Random Bits

Tonight my inlaws (father-in-law and stepmother-in-law) are making the four-hour drive from their house to ours. They are going to stay Saturday, and depending on whether they can find someone to feed their dog will either drive home Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. I’m glad they are coming – they are the two most tolerable of that side of the family :0) and they adore the NewDotBaby. My father-in-law was very happy to hear that we’d be “giving him a grandson” because NewDotDad would have been the last in the family line otherwise. But any visit by inlaws carries a certain level of stress: we can’t make them sleep on the air mattress, so I had to clean our room and bathroom to that “guest” level of cleanliness. I needed to lint-roller the couches to get rid of the cat hair. And as if that weren’t enough, yesterday afternoon it became apparent that it was time to strip the diapers. (More on our cloth diapers, and the stripping process, in another post.) So I couldn’t do our regular clothes laundry, which is normally done on a “load a day” basis – but which I wanted to do all in one day so that the inlaws wouldn’t have to see a hamper full of clothes in our room, because I was doing eleventy gazillion loads of superhot diaper laundry.


I feel like a financial grownup today. We got information from our insurance company that we are approved for a car loan through them – and it couldn’t come at a better time. (More on the CrapHeap I drive another time.) I also finally got on the phone with our credit card company and negotiated a better APR, a slight credit line increase, and a balance transfer of the other remaining credit card balance we were carrying. So now I have two credit cards that are paid off, and one with a balance that is not as scary as I thought. (Seeing just one number is easier for my non-mathematical brain to handle.) We own the CrapHeap outright, and we are more than halfway through our payments on the DoctorMobile. The DoctorMobile loan and this one credit card payment are our only debt, and the total is just a little less than half our yearly income at the moment. I’m pretty happy with that – there are a lot of people in their mid-twenties in MUCH worse financial shape. And since we are starting to do our homework about mortgages (we hope to buy a home next year when we move for NewDotDad’s residency) I’m really happy to be getting our money ducks in a row.


I have several good posts in the works, about plastic crap for babies, and hidden breastfeeders, and a couple of memes I love. Hopefully putting the work into them ahead of time will pay off, and I’ll be able to keep up with NaBloPoMo this weekend despite our company.


My MOMS Club had a Thanksgiving party this morning, and NewDotBaby tried turkey and cranberry sauce for the first time. Both were a big hit! This kid is such a good eater – I’m thanking my lucky stars every day that he tries something new, because NDD is one of the pickiest men I’ve ever met.


There is vacuuming, and dusting, and toy picking-up still to be done, so my blog time is short. Adieu!


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