Coping with Cat Boxes

I have two cats and one small apartment. In our old apartment in South Florida, we kept two litter boxes. But here, there is really no good place to keep multiple boxes – for one thing, we have a newly mobile baby crawling around and trying to taste-test everything he sees, and for another thing, this floorplan just doesn’t have enough nooks and crannies.

So my solution for coping with our cat boxes is three fold. First of all, I keep the litter box (along with the food & water dishes and the big Rubbermaid box that holds their kibble–which also “works for me”, because it keeps both the cats and any bugs that might try, out of the food; and it allows me to buy more than one bag of food if it’s on sale or I have a coupon!) in our large walk-in storage closet that’s opposite our front door. At night, we keep both cats in this room, too. It has really cut down on my allergy problems (which were never bad enough that not owning a cat became an option, but they did usually require me to go crazy with the dusting and Febreezing) because the cats aren’t creeping up into our bed. It also reassures me that they aren’t trying to cozy up with NewDotBaby in his crib, and they aren’t going to do any damage to our new couches while we’re asleep, either.

But keeping the litter boxes in there is excellent – for one thing, they are out of sight for both NewDotBaby and our guests. Since I can shut the door, if I happen to catch an unpleasant whiff and have NO time to go handle it immediately, it’s less of a problem. And – this brings me to the second part of the solution – I keep one of those thick welcome mats (made out of some kind of natural fiber, anyone know what that’s called? It’s that thick brown prickly stuff) on the INSIDE of the doorway. Any stray litter pieces wipes off their little paws as they leave the room, and I don’t have cat litter trailed through my entryway and all over my carpets! That really works for me – less vacuuming and Swiffering!

The best little tidbit, though, is new to me. A few months ago, I sent NewDotDad to the store with a list, one item of which was “cat litter.” He picked up this new Tidy Cats Small Spaces litter. Now, I kid you not, this has made the whole poop-scooping chore almost pleasant!!! It has a really nice, light citrus fragrance to it (maybe activated when the cats scratch it around? I’m not sure) and it clumps very well – the best of any litter we’ve tried. (And we have tried everything – the crystals, the pearls, the clay…. every brand and variety…. except cedar, we never did that. It reminded me too much of all the hamsters I had as a kid.) I feel like Scarlett: “As God is my witness, I’ll never go back to normal cat litter again!” It totally works for me!


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