Archival Quality

Toward the end of my pregnancy with NewDotBaby, I started a blog. I managed to post for about two months (November and December) at least a few times a week, before I gave up. Who knows what happened in January. The NDB was born at the beginning of February, and of course the newborn haze set in immediately, and didn’t lift for the next six months or so. By then, we were in the middle of an interstate relocation, so there was no time for blogging! Eventually I started feeling settled in our new home, and then the pull to write again. And so came to be.

This morning I realized that my old blog was still online, and I think I’m going to bring those old posts here. Then I can shut down that old site (it was another blogger page) and only have one place to keep up with. I just dislike the idea that my writing is out there in the ether, unmonitored (what with the whole Bitacle scandal and all, you know?).

I’ll try to get a link going (maybe in the sidebar, if I can figure it out) once I bring those here as an archive or something.


3 Responses to Archival Quality

  1. MarillaAnne says:

    Sounds good to me. You might be able to back date the entries if you want to … or … we could just watch you bring them in?

    Whatever happened with the bitacle thing? I looked over there today and I don’t think I saw what you saw.

    The unfortunate truth is that once you publish on a blog … if it has RSS … the feed can be displayed most anywhere.

    Your blog does have RSS and blogger displays the whole post in the feed. So it would be very easy to suck up Bloggers bloggers.

    Still …

    So what happened next?


  2. MarillaAnne says:

    Oh and but … there’s some settings that can help you control the RSS. Drop me a note via my profile if you need help.

  3. The NewDotFamily says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking – I’ll probably just copy and paste them as new entries, but backdate them. I’m not savvy enough to try anything else!

    The more I read into the Bitacle thing, it looks like there is really nothing that can be done. They’ve added a line to the entries that state “each post belongs to the individual writer” or something like that. There are several bloggers out there, much smarter and more articulate than I, who have written pretty convincingly that giving it any attention is probably a bad idea. And, like you said, that once you publish on a blog, it’s “out there” and you can’t control it.

    And, I just have to say – RSS!? What is that? :0) I know that makes me sound like a real blogging idiot, but it’s true; I have no idea what an RSS feed is or does.

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