Gah. I was very excited to participate in WFMW. I’ve read so many other cool tips and ideas, and I’ve had this one percolating in the back of my mind for awhile. So what do I do? I get up this morning, do my whole post, hit “publish,” and head over to Rocks In My Dryer to post —- and, y’all, I missed the boat! This week is a themed Christmas-WFMW, and I don’t have any Christmas tips! So you know what, I’m leaving it up there, my pitiful little catbox post. The WFMW banner is clickable to take you to her main page, so if you want to read all the posts by the Cool People Who Follow Directions and Know What Is Happening in Blogland, then please click away and enjoy. I’m going to go pour another cup of coffee and pout a little bit. I’m feeling kind of dumb.

And, also!? Did you notice the timestamp on this post!? I actually managed a NaBloPoMo post first thing in the MORNING!!! I was so proud of myself….. Figures. It just figures.


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