Last I Checked, It Was Legal

A woman on a Delta/Freedom Airlines flight leaving Burlington, Vermont was kicked off of the plane because she was breastfeeding her daughter and it “offended” a flight attendant.

I can’t believe that the attendant was allowed to bully a woman off of the plane! The article says that the attendant feels that because she asked the woman to cover up with a blanket, and the woman refused, she was allowed to have her removed. Puh-leeze. Did the attendant also have anyone wearing a midriff-baring, low-neckline, or high-hemline outfit removed? No, of course not, because that didn’t “offend” her. Since when is one person’s level of discomfort more important than feeding a child? This just kills me.

I hope that Delta/Freedom will correct this situation – reprimand or fire the attendant, conduct some education for the rest of its staff, and offer the woman free plane tickets to make up for the inconvenience, rudeness, and embarrassment of this whole situation.

I’m off to write a letter.

Edited to add: there is now an online petition available for you to sign! Check out my post about it here.


One Response to Last I Checked, It Was Legal

  1. Gwen says:

    That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I am also going to write a letter and I might bring it up at my LLL meeting tomorrow…

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